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Luxury real estate in Neuilly-sur-Seine: the rush for air

The list of fundamental freedoms includes the freedom of movement. If you deprive a nation of this, regardless of the reason, you deprive it of air and oxygen. When the doors finally open again, breathing is no longer just a right. It becomes a necessity. Priorities change, balances are upset. Suddenly, air is needed.

Exceptional properties in Neuilly: nature reclaims its rights

Neuilly-sur-Seine, the jewel in the crown of prestigious residences at the gates of Paris, has recorded an almost historic dynamism in real estate transactions over this half-year. Double-digit growth, soaring prices per square metre and accelerated decision-making times are consequences widely shared by all luxury property professionals in Neuilly. The first vectors of this dynamic, the exceptional properties crystallise this craze among those who, out of loyalty to the gentle hum of the city, have been able to resist the bucolic appeal of the plains of Normandy. In Neuilly, ads abound, flanked by full-page photos of terraces and gardens. The cloudless skies spread out in a deep blue, contrasting with the magnificent green of the lawns and impeccable foliage. Nature triumphs, which only yesterday was only a decorum. Luxury and prestige have changed their face.

Terraces and gardens in Neuilly: a major challenge

And the stakes are high. If the garden was once considered only as a certain advantage, it is now at the heart of the decision to invest, almost as a sine qua non. This outdoor area itself becomes part of the overall value of the exceptional property. Not only does nature regain its rights, but it also asserts them. And Neuilly has no shortage of these small corners of greenery that are suddenly particularly prized. The more traditional aspects of surface area, location in the urban space, and proximity to the main points of interest (education, culture, leisure activities) obviously remain essential in the process of deciding to invest in a prestigious property, but this dimension of freedom will never have been so preponderant in determining the very value of a property.

Luxury real estate: the price of freedom

From a purely financial point of view, the very strong dynamic observed on exceptional properties in Neuilly since the beginning of the year is of course facilitated by the presence of available savings, but let us also see, perhaps more structurally, a profound change in the relationship with this prestigious purchase. The exceptional property with terrace or garden no longer has only investment or speculation value. It now has all the value of necessity. One does not buy stone. You buy a right. The right to breathe, to contemplate beauty, to gather family and friends in the same setting, in the heart of the city. A fundamental freedom... that has a price.

Neuilly-sur-Seine responds to the rush to the Eure with a rush to the air. The city is revealing itself, offering itself, opening up to the new demands of an urban world that now aspires to just one thing: to breathe.

Article written by Louis-Thibaud Lefort